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IC Escape's Rocky Mountain

Born: 18/05/2004
Color: Brown Tabby Blotched High White – MCO n 09 22

Screening Esito Note
HCM and PKD26th April 2005 Negative First screening
HCM 10th April 2006 Negative Second screening
HCM 27th December 2007 Negative Third screening
HCM Mybpc3 dna testAugust 2006 N/N Biofocus

Rocky comes from Finland together with his sister Escape’s Runaway Girl. I have chosen him to introduce the High White in my breeding program. I thank again my friend Jaana Hiltunen of the Escape’s Cattery for this gorgeous young boy. Rocky has the sweetest temperament of this world!!!! He carries solid colors!

Planetcoon Mescalina

Born : 21-07-2006
Sex : Female
Color : Tortie Tabby Mackarel – MCO f 23

Screening Esito Note
HCM and PKD15th october 2007 Negative First screening

Planetcoon Mescalina born in our cattery on 21 July 2006 in our . We see immediately something different in her look …...a fantastic Light brown mackarel tabby with a super silky coat. Mescalina has a very long body like her mother has with a super Maine coon look : a very strong squared muzzle a very good chin and a super forhead. We love her at all , she has a very friendly ad Purr temperament like the mother but she is also very strong like the father Las Vegas.

Las Vegas of Planetcoon

Born: 25-07-2005
Color: Red Tabby Blotched – MCO d 22

Screening Esito Note
HCM and PKD02nd October 2006 Negative First screening.

Las Vegas has been retired from our breeding program in Summer 2007, his temperament was so dominant that he didn’t accept other males in the cattery. We have here with us her his daughters Planetcoon Mescalina and Planetcoon Nikita.

Las Vegas was born from the mating of IC Escape’s Rocky Mountain and Planetcoon Kira.

Las Vegas is the red male of our dreams, when we see him borning we immediately decided that he would be our new male!!!
He has a fantastic profile with a strong chin, a very loooooong squared muzzle and a fantastic wild expression. Moreover, he has the same ears of his father Rocky.

In his first 8 expositions Las Vegas has won 6 Nominations, 6 Best in Variety, and 4 Best in Show Kittens

GIC Squabby's Far West

Squabby's Far West

Born: 30/03/2002
Color: Brown Tabby Blotched – MCO n22

Screening Esito Note
HCM and PKD05-04-2003 Negative First screening
HCM and PKD26-04-2005 Negative Second screening

Squabby’s Far west MCO has arrived in our home on june 2002. He has a wonderful character he is very playful , and we are very proud of him!!!!! Thanks to Marconi Marina for giving us this wonderful male!



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