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The cattery

Our cattery is located in the country near to Florence – Italy. Our love for Maine coon started in 2001 when in our home arrived our first Maine coon “ Ercole”. Now our feline family is larger but all our cats are effective members of our family and lives in house with us!!

Our cattery is Fife registred and our cats go on Fife Shows. In June 2011 we have become an M.C.B.F.A. full breeder member, and we are very proud of our work!!

Our goal is to produce beautifull but more than other things healty Maine coons. For this we choose our cats in most important American breeders with a low imbreeding and with carefull for pedigrees and blood lines.

Our breeding female have kittens only once for year, because we prefeare quality than quantity , and we sell all our kittens with a written sale contract for pet/breeding/show cats.

Our kittens lives with us not caged or closed, we take great care of their socialization and when they will go to new homes ( not before than 12 weeks old) they will have a perfect purrrrrrrr – temperament.We sell our kittens with 2 vaccinations, an healty certificate microchip and only with pedigree.

Show and breed Maine coon is our only “Hobby”, it is sometimes very hard and sometimes very gratyfing but it is never our “job”.We produce not many kittens and we choose for them always the best family.
Most of our kittens are sold “Not for breeding” just because we sell “for breed“only to well known catteries that have the same our philosophy.


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