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Planetcoon Tie Break

Born on: 01-01-2012
Aka: Tai
Colour: Silver Tabby Blotched with white – MCO ns 09 22

Screening Esito Note
SMA N/N Laboklin
HCM Mybpc3 dna test N/N Parents Negative
HCM and PKD21-01-2013 Negative First Screening
HCM16-12-2013 Negative Second Screening

Tie Break is born in our cattery from Pl*Greenway Silver Surfer x Us*Tropikoons Polar Ice . All this litter has fantastic temperament in all kind of situations , always very relaxed. When we have seen him grow to 1.6kg 2 months old we have keep him for us. We have never had a so strong and heavy kitten male, at the age of 8 months old his weight was 8kg.


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